Monday, June 25, 2012

The End

The end of something is actually a  start,for something new.

Smile,and you wont be fregile.

Iyas yang comel,such an innocent boy.

May God bless you and me,and the entire planet.

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An untitled post.

Of different side,we do have different sight,which will end up with different idea that actually started from an assumption,or even perception.

Then,what can make it line in a parallel way?by means,at any side,on any angle,we can see the different in just one same idea.

Then the answer is faith.

Faith without any single tiny room for doubt.

Strong faith toward The One who creates you,give you life to live,and love you like no other.

Allah,The Almighty God.

Credit to the future architech,Raja Hana Nazura for making my idea realty.

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