Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's HIM.

In life, we do always expect more.
We do expect things will go as we planned.
But in reality,it DOES NOT HAPPEN as we wished so.

Do yo agree??

If you dont,continue reading.
If you do,I'm pretty sure that you faced the real life in front of you. :)

We studied hard,and do expect that we will passed the test with flying colours.
We struggled in life,hoping that the sad life story will end up with something ease,with happy ending.
We dreamed and walk the plan,and hope the plan will go smoothly,and the final result will be as we always dreamed.

In real life,it only happen with ratio 1:1000.

Get real.

We studied hard,but the result says that we failed.Over again.
We struggle hard,but it doesn't end up with happy ending,besides,we gained more problems.
We dreamed and walk the talk,but it turn upside down.

These things happen not because we struggle less,we tried less hard,we dreamed a lot,but because He designed our fate as He wished.
He wished us to face hardships all along our life journey.
He want us to be sad of the unfulfilled dreams.
He want us to feel the depression of failure.

It's Him.
Who designed the fate for you.
The fate that is claimed as 'cruel' by you,and me.
It's not because Allah is cruel.HE IS NOT BEING CRUEL TO US.

The cruel twist of fate is a TEST.
A test to those who claimed that they are the one who believe in HIM.
He is testing us on how we face the hardships.

Do we blame Allah for the unexpected ending??
Do we feel outraged towards Him for He is the One that designed the fate??
Or do we smile and says Alhamdulillah,for His remembrance towards us that come by the mean of the test??

Accept the unexpected test with faith.
With the strong believe that the test isn't designed to make us suffer,
but to tell us,

'When there is no single thing on earth left for you,Allah is there,always there for you.'

It's Him.
Calling you to make a u-turn.
We had strayed far away from Him.
It's a call.
A call to repent.
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