Thursday, January 17, 2013

Of pencil and erasers.

Few years back,I was a very talkative,expressive yet very easy going person.
After passing years of tears and tests,now,I am a very quiet person.
I do wear mask when I meet people.
And most important I am no longer an expressive person.

Salamun 'ala man 'ittaba' alhuda.

I changed the way I express my feeling,my thought,my objection and even my happiness.I do prefer keep being average in expressing anything that came into my mind.Because in real world,not everyone do take serious on thing that you express.

There are some people that care,listen to help you.
There also people that listen to you,but they took your word for granted.
There are people that hate you.But when it come to expressing objection,they will support you, and even give you help with any means necssary to make it real sure that the objection is being heard.
There are also people that care and help you for reward.

These things make me sit and think twice before being so expressive.
For being honest will kill yourself,its better to stay still and quiet.

Yes,people won't know if did'nt tell.
Its not to keep it inside,for the next day it will screw you up.
Its how you reach the person and the art of expressing your expression.

If expressing your anger through talking mouth will make people even angry,try to use writing medium.
If expressing your objection through detraction and rebuke,try to manage a discussion with calm mind.
If expressing your happiness through bad doings,try to control and smile.

Its always the way we express our expression that make our life even worse.

As the saying goes;
'Terlajak perahu boleh diundur,terlajak kata buruk padahnya.'

Engineers are smart.They invented the pencil.Yet they invented the eraser.But there are engineers that invented the pen, that have bolder ink and give clear writing.Of the invention of pen convinced people that utilising pen will give better and even clearer writing.But these people forgot,somehow even they invented the special liquid to erase the permanent ink,they are actually concealing the error.Not fixing the mistake they did.

Use pencil and eraser.Eventhough pencil are old-fashioned,and dont give you bold writing,it can be erased.It teach you how to be wise in showing of your expression,long before you use pen.

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