Friday, December 27, 2013

To whom named H-U-S-B-A-N-D

Mendongak ke langit.
Sambil hati tersenyum mengucap syukur pada Ilahi.
Atas limpahan nikmat yang tak pernah berhenti dan percuma selama ini.

Salamun 'ala man ittaba' al-huda (^_^)

Hari ini,Allah takdirkan saya menulis dengan inspirasi yang dihantar melalui sebuah video seorang vlogger yang agak terkenal *kalau korang semua layan vlog lah* 

Aiman Azlan ; Single Azlan to Married Azlan: A letter

He's a married man now.If I'm not mistaken,he is now a husband to his wife,Amira.I don't have the intention to write about who is Aiman or his spouse Amira,but I'm touched of what Aiman did a few hours before he got married.He did something to remind himself, how the marriage life could be,how should he handle the situation and his upcoming responsibilities that he must complete them soon; as a husband, a father and as a person in general.

He is a student in a university in Canada,Toronto,*Sorry Akh if I'm wrong =) .I knew him from the famous vlogger Anwar Hadi.I'm sure most of us Malaysian know who is Anwar Hadi.I dont know him much,I mean this Brother Aiman.But he always record videos and and write things that remind us to be a better person, better Muslim in specific.I did not follow his life much,and I don't know indetail who he is but, I believe he is a good seed of a very good family.

Okay,about the video.

Since he is now married,he is reminding himself, the-already-husbands, and future husband, what is a meaning of the H-U-S-B-A-N-D word. Being a husband isn't about legally married to a female spouse,owning her physically,and title that is gained of desire-based relationship.He's reminding you husbands, that a wife is a women , she's not your slave nor your employer, she is a woman, with opinions and thoughts, have feelings and she is a human.A normal human that shall be treated as normal as other normal human being.

"Love your wife, with all your heart. Remember that a woman was made from a rib. The rib is on your side so she is neither above you nor below you, and the rib is close to your heart so that you may cherish her and love her. Also, don’t forget that ribs protect the internal organs; so as much as you are protecting her, she is also protecting you. 

Always say that you love her even though she knows it. Say it anyway. Show your gratitude to what she has done for you."

I believe that he explained and reminded much about a duty of a husband.I'm pretty sure Amirah is very grateful to have a very concsious husband as Aiman is.He seems that had been prepared to perform the he realised that this is a lifitime responsibility, not a playing time.May Allah bless him and his wife.May he have a very blessful marriage.

I hope Allah will give me the chance to write on a wife duty,as a reminder to me,a WIFE.
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