Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fuh fuh.banyak habuk blog ni.

I've been an introvert eversince I deleted and left unupdate all my social accounts.
So currently I only have this blog,a so-called-social-media.And of no fix internet line,and the laziness that is undeniable,I only update this blog when I remember that this blog is exist,or when Ili said 'please update your blog',or when I'm bored,or I'm SUPER FREE.

Salamun 'ala man ittaba' al-huda.


Oh how I miss every single second that I can just lay on my bed with a very calm mind.Where I don't have to think of any other thing than myself.oh.oh.oh.

I've been super busy since I get married.Since I'm now a wife, all the housechores are on me.I have class to attend,I have tuition classes to be taught on weekends,and basicly I have no break.But,its been a good experience for myself then.A good time to challenge myself to beat the limit of myself.And to appreciate mom.Oh.This reminds me of the backdays when I'm lazy to do anything including waking up from bed,my mom settle the chores alone.Now I'm alone doing those chores.


I'm so thankful for this life.For I have a teddy-bear-alive that i can hug everyday.And he hugs me back.hehehe.A very good cook ever.Tapi kalau nak gaduh,ada je benda-benda kecik to be fought over.hehehe.

Okay.Main topic.Er,I got no topic actually.Because I'm writing this entry at 5.00am which i haven't yet sleep,and I'm stuck with my final project.I wanna keep myself awake.So I write this.Sorry for wasting your time reading this crap.huhu.You can now close this tab.But you can look over these photos first.Thank you.huhu

 Look at the inner shirt that my husband wear.Its actually my t. A catfish printed t.kahkah

Our trip to Kuantan.We met DQ fellas there!! 

This shows how far our age gap is.15 years dude.Isn't that a large gap?We don't feel so.hehe

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