Friday, May 8, 2015

Treasure every moment left.

"Thats the thing about pain,it demands to be felt"-Augustus Waters

Salamun 'ala man ittaba' alhuda.

I always scroll down the channels and tv programme lists and record them since I am busy and I paid to astro where they gave me free pvr and I think should use  service and not wasting it.hehehehe.I always record new movies on list even I'm not sure what the movie is about.So yesterday,I scroll down my recorded movie list,and I found a movie.
The fault in our stars.

I am a fan of romantic kind-of movie.But not a movie that have sadness from the very first scene to the very end of the story.This is soooo romantic-melancholic movie.But actually ended up watching this movie.From the start to the end.And I found it full of lessons for us,who always been ungrateful to what we have.

The story plot was played by characters named Hazel Grace Lancester,a 17 years old girl who is a thyroid cancer patient,and Augustus Waters,a 18 years old boy who suffer of osteosarcoma,that made him an amputee.They both struggled for their life,for they both suffer of killing illness.They both fell in love when at first,Grace's parents asked her to join a support group,The Heart of Jesus,where the group was made to give moral support tocancer patients.Augustus attend the group with his friend,Isaac who lost his remaining eye to cancer.They both support each other even they know they are dying,they built the bond in short time,by sharing both experience on facing cancer and interests

I don't have any intention to write the synopsis here and I'm pretty sure that you can google up to find the movie.Its the content that I want to highlight here.

They face hardship,eversince they open their eyes to see the world.Hazel went through numbers of surgeries,so did Gus (Augustus).Gus have fear of being forgotten,being dust in the air after he die.But Grace have the understanding that either like it or not,we must face the reality;that one day we will be forgotten,not even realised by anyone that we ever existed.Its not how many people that remember you,ONE IS ENOUGH,because he or she value you,loves you more than peoples that will remember you,that is priceless.

When Grace was admitted to ICU,and Gus condition is getting worse.He still,carve smile on her face,ad they're not sick,and they have years to explore togather.The most stirring part was at the end of the story when Gus finally confess to Grace that his condition was never get better.He then went to series of chemotherapy that made him moving on a wheelchair.As he knew he is dying,he asked Isaac and Grace to write for him eulogy.Eulogy is like written or spoken praise normally being done in funeral.

Gus made a sudden pre-funeral because he said that he want to ne at his funeral,listening to what Grace and Isaac will say.And this is what Grace said;

"There are an infinite set of numbers between 0 and 1.There's 0.1 and 0.12 and 0.112 and an infinite collection of others.Of course there is a bigger infinite numbers between 0 and 2,or between zero and a million.Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.A writer we used to like taught us that.There are days,many of them,when I resent the size of by unbounded set...But Gus,my love,I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity.I wouldn't trade it for the world.You gave me forever within numbered days,and I am grateful."

These word was actually the highlight of the story,that can tell you everything.How sincere the words that came from her mouth,that she was very grateful,for short period of time she had the chance to love him,its not the number of the days they spent,but how grateful she is for having 'forever' within short time.

She knews that they will never meet again,far apart forever,but she was grateful.To love and being loved by one person that equal the people that will remember her.Its okay to be forgotten because she already have everything that only given by one person.Augustus Waters.She values the love of Augustus,even they're not meant to be togather for long time.

Forgive me for bad writing,grammar and story telling.I'm no good at storytelling.But believe me,watch this movie,than you can understand what I tried to deliver from above.

The thing that I love the most about this movie is the realistic attitude of Grace.She knew that she will face death,and counting days towards it.She just don't grieve for things happened,but live her life to the fullest with Gus.She was prepared to face the death of either her or Gus,and vice versa.Prepared the eulogies,and never stop supporting and loving each other,like they will have years to come.There is no such thing that 'I love you to the moon and back',its just,' I love you for who you are,even you are dying'.

Actually,I'm running out of ideas and words since I'm bad in delivering story in English.Trust me,watch the movie.And you will find out why,I have such eagerness to tell about this movie.Its good to know,we will be forgotten,but ONE PERSON IS ENOUGH to make the short life great.

Thank you,for the forever you gave to me within numbered days.I am grateful.

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